about me

I'm a story-teller

I do that in a lot of mediums including live performance, television, film, dance, and just about any other place you can experience a story (parks, books, bars, the inter-web, our dreams). I’m the artistic producer of PARADIGM productions, a collaborative indie company dedicated to developing and staging contentious, political, and entertaining performance works.

I'm keenly interested in what story-telling can and can't do, why and why not--and says who.  I'm a feminist with a dark sense of humour and I’ll happily argue pyscho-analytical feminism and imperial economics with anyone willing to go toe to toe. When I'm not telling stories, I'm collecting them through my love of travel, food, music, mythology, and cocktail bars. I’m based in Toronto but have worked in Munich, Berlin, London, Montreal, and think of all kinds of places as home.

I make art because I desire. 

To know more about that, check out my texts, learn about the epic trilogy of plays and podcasts I just produced - The Empire, read my essays, or buy me a drink.

photos by Samantha Madely